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Is Monday Presidents Day or Washington's Birthday?Posted 02/20/2017 at 06:54 AMANSWER:    Yes.

Although February 20th is commonly celebrated as Presidents Day, the holiday is still on the books as "Washington's Birthday".

In 1880, as the first president of the United States of America, George Washington was honored with a federal holiday to commemorate his birthday. Although in 1968, Congress was debated on whether to officially change the name of this holiday to "Presidents Day", ultimately the name was preserved. Since 1971, when federal holidays were moved to Mondays, retailers now use the designation of Presidents Day to celebrate all United States Presidents to promote sales.

Change is always in the air, figuratively and literally. The air quality of the air we breathe continues to decrease and the population grows. Also on the increase is the sensitivity to pollution, dust, dander, pollen, VOC's and mold spores. No need to worry when you have Rocky Mountain Air Purifiers on your side. We have a number of purifiers to choose from to address your specific needs.

The CLOUD is our 6-stage purification unit, perfect for non-smoking environments. When you need to resolve dust, pollen, dander or VOC's issues, our NO OZONE unit is perfect - especially for those with sensitivities.

The SUMMIT line of purifiers has an additional stage of purification called ozone. Ozone is nature's sterilizer. Have you ever walked outside after a lightning storm and the air just smells fresh? The freshness you smell is ozone from the lightening. Our SUMMIT line creates ozone artificially for the purpose of eliminating odors from sources such as smoke, cooking, pets, and musty/mildew areas. It will also kill viruses and bacteria to help keep you from sharing germs. It has all the advantages of the CLOUD with the extra boost of ozone.

For environments with smoke from cigarettes, cigars, or wood-burning stoves, we recommend the Summit PLUS Air Purifier with the heavy-duty, granular Advanced Carbon Filter and PCO filter for greater absorption of odors and elimination of chemical smells, respectively.
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