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NEW 2017 MODEL!The Summit PLUS Air PurifierThe Smoke Eater

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Available Replacement FiltersImage of Summit Filter PackSummit Filter PackReplacement FilterJust $99.00
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Arrives With All Seven Stages of Purification• True HEPA• Ozone> Photo-Catalytic (TiO2)• Ionization• Ultra-Violet• Dust/Debris Pre-Filter• Carbon Filtration
Eats Smoke By Breaking Down Smoke Particles At The Molecular Level With Activated OxygenEats Smoke By Breaking Down Smoke Particles In The AirEats Smoke Particles In The Air

The Definitive Anti-Smoke PurifierThe Summit

Revitalize your home by eliminating smoke, and other foul odors, while making the air you breathe as fresh and clean as the Rocky Mountains with the Summit air purifier!
Designed to eradicate the toughest of odors (like tobacco smoke), each air cleaner features an advanced 7 stage filtration process to provide layer upon layer of purification that is sure to cut through the toughest cigarette or cigar haze. Smoke simply doesn't stand a chance as multiple filters work in tandem to capture, break-down, and destroy each particle. While the HEPA, Activated Carbon, Photo-Catalytic (PCO), and Ionic filters work to purify the air you breathe, its the removable Ozone Generator plate that makes our "Smoke Eaters" live up to their name. By utilizing Activated Oxygen (O3), the Summit dissipates small traces of Ozone throughout the room to break down airborne smoke particles at the molecular level. Yes, the Summit practically eats the smoke! No other methods can compare to the smoke-eating capabilities found in the Summit's Ozone plate. In fact, you will be amazed at the freshness and crispness of the air you breathe in your home once you use the Summit air purifier! The Summit is simply the ultimate anti smoke air purifier thats perfect for both smokers and those looking to remove entrenched smoking odor previously left in their home.
Summit Product SpecificationsSpecifications
Filtration: Seven Stage Controls: Remote & Manual
Shipping Weight: 17 lbs Coverage: 3,500 Sq. Ft.
Electrical Cord: 14 Gauge, 110v, 3-Prong Clock: Digital
Dimensions: 9 W x 12 H x 12 D in. Fan: Quiet 5-Speed
Timer: Digital Function
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The Seven Stages Of Filtration7-Stage Filtration
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See how the Summit removes cigarette smoke with ease! Tough to eleminate ordors, like cigar smoke, get erradicated in a matter of minutes. Watch these amazing videos to see for yourself!
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Seven Stages Of Purification: Activated OxygenUnpleasant odors can be among the toughest elements to remove from the air you breathe. To combat such airborne pollutants, the Summit air purifier utilizes Activated Oxygen (03) to breakdown particulates (such as smoke, household chemicals, and perfumes) at the molecular level. Lingering airborne contaminants oxidize away when coming in contact with the trace amounts of ozone dispersed throughout your home leaving pure oxygen (02) in its place. Such fast acting, deep cleaning power is ideal for smokers looking to bring Rocky Mountain freshness to their home. There is simply no substitute for the Summit. In fact, the Summit's Ozone feature can be safely toggled on and off, giving you the option to use the unit's full cleaning power only when you need it most!
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