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Introducing the New 2017 Models! Posted 08/03/2016 at 08:22 AM We asked our customers how we could improve upon the design of our purifiers. We listened to their feedback. And we have made a number of upgrades to the Rocky Mountain Air® Summit and Summit PLUS Air Purifiers to make our units even better. We are not a private label, stock unit company. We actively participate in the innovation of our product lines. That's why are so excited about our updated 2017 models that we can't wait any longer to release them.

These 2017 models have the latest technology and with our own exclusive features, and making us the most innovative purifier in the market today. Here's what we have been working on... EXCLUSIVE OZONE TIMER. A great deal of you expressed room for improvement concerning the timer mode's functionality. In almost all cases, consumers use the TIMER to control the length of time the OZONE is running. In response, we created the O3 TIMER with a dedicated mode for the ozone feature. Now it is more convenient than ever to specifically run the ozone for a designated length of time.

WITH A PUSH OF ONE BUTTON, you can select how long the ozone feature will run. There are (4) PRE-SET ozone run times to choose from. When the time is up, ONLY the ozone feature will automatically shut-off. Yes, ONLY THE OZONE TURNS OFF, allowing the purifier and the rest of the selected features to continue to run. It Can't get Any More Convenient than that!

  1. SELECT the level of ozone.
  2. THEN CHOOSE the time interval:
Press the O3 TIMER once for a 15 minute BURST of ozone to FRESHEN your home.Press the O3 TIMER a second time for 30 minutes of ozone to CLEAN your home.Press the O3 TIMER a third time for 60 minutes of ozone to CLEANSE porous surfaces.Press the O3 TIMER a fourth time for 120 minutes of ozone to SCRUB deep porous surfaces

The amount of time selected appears on the display and will count-down the minutes remaining before the ozone automatically shuts-off.


It was also suggested that we reduce the amount of time it takes to drop particles out of the air. Our new Cutting-Edge Technology triples the effectiveness of removing smoke and particulate floating around in your home. By repositioning and upgrading the ANION mechanism, particulates (including smoke) become heavier three-times faster, dropping them out of the air you are breathing far quicker than ever before. Amazing.


This advancement is for all you light sleepers out there. We all know that the front display dims when you PRESS the SLEEP MODE. But now, the SLEEP MODE also QUIETS the FAN - reducing the sound of the fan to the soothing "white noise."


We improved the effectiveness of the air flow through the purifier, greatly increasing the efficiency of filtering particulates such as allergens, dander, dust, and smoke out of the air.

It is our honor to continue to bring you innovative ideas and products. It is our wish to make your life easier, and to make your home a cleaner, safer environment.
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