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Smoke Mold Dust Pet Dander Pollen Tree/Grass Germs Image of Smoke Allergies Icon Eliminate smoke and other tough to remove odors from your home with the Summit air purifier! Our flagship air purifier, aptly referred to as the "Smoke Eater", cuts through even the toughest tobacco smoke to deliver fresh and clean air to your home or office. By utilizing Activated Oxygen, the Smoke Eater actually breaks down smoke particles at the molecular level! In other words, the Summit doesn't just filter out smoke, it actually eliminates smoke and the resulting odors. No other filtration method can match the smoke removing capabilities our air purifier provides. So, buy the Summit today and replace the stench of cigarette or cigar smoke with air that is Rocky Mountain Pure!
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Only Rocky Mountain Air can provide your home or office with fresh and clean air or your money back. With an ironclad promise of satisfaction, each of our air purifiers is guaranteed to make the air you breathe Rocky Mountain Pure!
Meet the Summit PLUS.The Summit PLUS takes home air purification to the next level. By improving the performance of our best selling unit and upgrading its seven (7) stage filtration process, Rocky Mountain Air® has created the new standard in air purification. Combining multiple premium filters provides you with layer upon layer of protection against airborne impurities, including smoke, mildew, pollen, and pet dander. No other air purifier in its class cleans better!Get Seven Stages Of Rocky Mountain Filtration > True HEPA > Advanced Carbon Filtration> Ionization> Advanced Photo-Catalytic Filter> Ultra-Violet (UV) > Ozone > Dust Pre-Filter > Learn more...
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