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The Summit Air Purifier Pollen Allergy Relief

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Arrives With All Seven Stages of Purification> True HEPA> Ozone> Photo-Catalytic (TiO2)> Ionization> Ultra-Violet> Dust/Debris Pre-Filter> Carbon Filtration
Remove Pollen From the Air With HEPA Certified Technology & Multi-Stage FiltrationRemove Pollen From the Air With Multistage FiltrationRemove Pollen From the Air

The Best Air Purifier to Stop PollenThe Summit

One of the leading causes of seasonal allergies that afflict many households is pollen. When pollen is prevalent in the air you breathe, your family can experience eyes, nose, lungs, and skin irritation. To help you and your family stop pollen allergies before they start, Rocky Mountain Air Purifiers® has created the Summit home air purifier. With seven (7) stages of air purification, each unit is perfectly suited to eliminate 99.99% of pollen, and other allergens, from the air in your home or office. Whether or not the suffering you experience is due to flowers, pine, grass, oak, or ragweed present outside, the Summit air cleaner will make sure the air inside your home is fresh and clean. There is simply no reason to continue living with itchy eyes and a runny nose anymore. You will be amazed to discover the difference our best-in-class air purification can make. So, prepare for the pollen season by owning the ultimate anti-pollen air purifier that will make the air in your home Rocky Mountain Pure!
Summit Product SpecificationsSpecifications
Filtration: Seven Stage Controls: Remote & Manual
Shipping Weight: 17 lbs Coverage: 3,500 Sq. Ft.
Electrical Cord: 14 Gauge, 110v, 3-Prong Clock: Digital
Dimensions: 9 W x 12 H x 12 D in. Fan: Quiet 5-Speed
Timer: Digital Function
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The Seven Stages Of Filtration7-Stage Filtration
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The Summit air purifier for pollen provides relief from seasonal allergies by removing pollen from the air you breathe. Watch our videos and see for yourself how our air purifiers help people who suffer from pollen related allergies.
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Seven Stages Of Purification: Ionic Particle FiltrationAir purifiers by Rocky Mountain Air® play a big role in stopping the spread of viruses and infections by removing contaminants from the air with ionic particle filtration. By utilizing negatively charged ions (Anions), our ionic filters cause airborne particles to become too heavy to circulate through the air when these particles bond with Anions. As a result, the bonded particles become trapped in the ionic filter which drastically reduces the spread of viruses, bacteria, and other allergens. In fact, hospitals routinely use ionic particle filtration to provide a safer environment for their patients.
Pre-Filter   HEPA   Carbon   Ionic   Ozone   Ultra-Violet   Photo-Catalytic
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