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The Summit and Summit PLUS... What's the Difference?Posted 06/16/2016 at 12:34 PMFirst, let's talk about what is the same..

Both The Summit and the Summit PLUS have:
  • OZONE at a touch of a button. You choose when you want to run this O3 feature, and you control the amount of ozone it produces by choosing 1 of the 5 settings based on square footage.
  • ANION feature. The negative ions this feature emits renders particles heavy and drops them to the floor. These particles include dust, dander, and pollen for example.
  • STERLIZE feature. This feature combines the effectiveness of the dual Ultra-Violet lamps and Together they destroy viruses and bacteria in the air drawn through the unit.
  • HEPA FILTER. This Hospital-grade, true HEPA filter remove particulate as small as .03 microns, or a fraction of the width of a human hair.
  • PRE-FILTER. Remove large debris and particles out of the air passing through the unit such as fur, hair, dust, and dander.
The difference is clear...

Only the Summit PLUS has these (2) unique filters:
  • The ADVANCED CARBON FILTER is twice the width of our standard carbon filter found in the Summit. The Summit PLUS' exclusive Advanced Carbon Filter contains course carbon media and zeolites which combine to create a superior carbon filter. The smaller pores found in this carbon captures more odors, and the larger overall size carbon allows these odors to be drawn deep inside the material. This results in greater absorption of odors out of the air in your home or office.
  • The ADVANCED PHOTO-CATALYTIC (PCO) FILTER has more surface area than the standard PCO filter to more effectively eliminate chemicals odors. This Advanced PCO filter utilizes the UV lamp's catalyst properties more efficiently to activate the titanium dioxide. This will result in more effectively destroying chemical odors such as cleaning solutions, perfumes/colognes, ammonia, and VOC's. VOC's are found in new paint, carpet, furniture, pillows and draperies.
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