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BEST PRACTICES for USING your AIR PURIFIER to combat VIRUSESPosted 03/17/2020 at 01:24 PM

Air Purifiers are the "hand sanitizers" for the air you breathe.

To get the most out of your purifier, be sure to run the ANION and STERILE 24/7 to address viruses. If your unit has the OZONE feature, now is the time to use it. As you know, OZONE is projected out into the room and treats surfaces as well as air.

OZONE may be run at the lowest setting for short periods of time while you are in the home/office. We recommend running the ozone for longer periods of time and/or at higher settings for sanitizing. Now would be a great time to start running the ozone more frequently.

If your unit does not have ozone...

We offer a portable CLEAR Plug-in unit that only generates ozone. It can be moved from room-to-room to combat viruses. The dial adjustment allows you to customize the exact amount of OZONE needed for the square footage of the room. We are offering the CLEAR Plug-in for $54.99 with FREE shipping, a Savings of $25.

Prevention is the best defense, which includes washing your hand with soap & water for a least 20 seconds, using hand sanitizers, don't shake hands, touch your mouth/nose/eyes, or share cups, utensils, etc.

Using your purifier properly is just another step to help keep you virus-free.

If you would like to purchase a CLEAR Plug-in, click this link. Feel free to call us at 1-877-432-8481 should you have any questions about how to use your purifier more effectively or to make a purchase over the phone.
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