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MOTHER'S DAYPosted 05/13/2018 at 08:02 AMDid you know that more calls are made on Mother's day than any other day of the year? Who knew?

Although "Mother's Day" is considered a modern tradition, historically mothers have been celebrated for thousands of years dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans times. The celebrations have shifted from festivals to a more personal approach to honor our mothers.

May is the most common month to celebrate mothers around the world, but some celebrate in spring (Egypt), in fall (Ethiopia), or even December (Spain).

Most people believe that the modern celebration of Mother's Day as we know it today was started by greeting card companies - not true. Here's the real origin...

Philadelphian, Anna Jarvis, set out to honor the memory of her mother Ann Marie Jarvis, who during the Civil War, banded women together to provide care to all soldiers, and was an activist for compassion, and reconciliation of families separated by the war. Upon her mother???s death, Anna vowed to establish a national day of recognition of all mothers to show them love and gratitude, and to reconnect families before it was too late.

Anna sought to make mothers "glad" with "words, gifts, and acts of affection."

So while you may send your mother a card and call her on Mother's Day, may we suggest the gift of clean air ??? Rocky Mountain Air?? to be specific.

Rocky Mountain Air?? Purifiers are a thoughtful and practical gift to improve the air quality in the home by eliminating odors, pollen, and dust from the air, while destroying germs, viruses for example.

Our Summit and Summit PLUS models offer Exclusive and convenient features. The most valuable Exclusive feature is the ozone timer, which only shuts off the ozone after a set amount of time allowing the unit to continue to run after deodorizing and disinfecting the air.

Perfect gift for Mom, perfect gift for you.
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